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Easily Connect All Your Worlds

EndeavorCPQ, formerly a six-time Endorsed Partner with Saleslogix CRM, expands the power of the Infor ecosystem with a comprehensive CPQ solution.

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Benefits of Infor CRM Integration with EndeavorCPQ

Grows Along Side Your Business

EndeavorCPQ's solution, built on cloud infrastructure, allows for better and faster stability. Like your business, it is built for growth.

Technical Benefits

S-data and ION connection for easy multi-connection between CRM and/or ERP create the most robust CPQ available for to Infor customers.

Look and Feel of Infor

EndeavorCPQ is a one-button launch from Infor’s CRM and/or ERP products, and the user remains in the framework of Infor.

Improved Pipeline Visibility

Up-to-the-minute quote and proposal data is shipped from EndeavorCPQ back into Infor CRM, giving you improved and more accurate pipeline and sales forecast models.

Advantages Over Other CPQ Solutions

EndeavorCPQ has a solid history of successful Saleslogix, now Infor CRM partnership. Using a product utilizing the same cloud infrastructure gives your business a distinct speed and scalable advantage.

Quit Getting Snubbed Because of Your Size

EndeavorCPQ’s scalable product makes it a perfect fit for midmarket organizations. For businesses with annual revenue between $25 - $200 million, that get left behind by CPQ providers only looking to work with “enterprise” business, EndeavorCPQ takes your quoting problems seriously and is the right solution.

Leverage the Power of Many

EndeavorCPQ’s flexibility and partnership with multiple CRM gives you more options. Whether new to Infor because of acquisition or transitioning from another CRM, Endeavor can adapt along side your business. Our model allows customers to change CRM vendors with ease and integrate with ease.

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