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Stay Within the Microsoft Ecosystem with the First CPQ Hosted on the Azure Cloud

Explore why MS Dynamics CRM empowered with EndeavorCPQ is a winning combination.

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Benefits of MS Dynamics CRM Integration with EndeavorCPQ

Quick Launch, Faster Response

EndeavorCPQ is a better fit for businesses working on the Azure Cloud. The multi-tenant, service-oriented architecture creates a faster response time and connection.

Microsoft Through and Through

EndeavorCPQ is completely aligned with the Microsoft ecosystem, partnering with MS Dynamics since its inception in 2005. Endeavor was a featured partner at the inaugural Convergence Conference in 2005.

Grows Along Side Your Business

EndeavorCPQ's solution, built on Microsoft cloud infrastructure, allows for better and faster stability. Like your business, it is built for growth.

Technical Benefits

EndeavorCPQ is a .Net application, written in the same language as MS Dynamics CRM. EndeavorCPQ supports versions 2011 and above.

Advantages Over Other CPQ Solutions

EndeavorCPQ has a solid history of successful MS Dynamics CRM partnership. Using a product utilizing the same cloud infrastructure gives your business a distinct speed and scalable advantage.

Quit Getting Snubbed Because of Your Size

EndeavorCPQ is a perfect fit for mid-market organizations. For businesses with annual revenue between $50 - $200 million, that get left behind by CPQ providers looking to work with “enterprise” business, EndeavorCPQ takes your quoting needs seriously.

Look and Feel of MS Dynamics CRM

Never leave your CRM. EndeavorCPQ is a one-button launch from MS Dynamics CRM and the user remains in the framework of Dynamics. These features keep branding and feel consistent for better adoption.

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